Brazilian Navy Virtual Project - MBV
Founded around the year 2010 by military personnel of the Brazilian Air Force, based in São Pedro de Aldeia, RJ, the first virtual naval pilots of the First Generation , passed the command to relatives and friends who loved this modality. Due to the lack of pilots and enthusiasm of the former participants, the Second Generation MBv was born, in charge of several already established Pilots of the Division of Special Operations of IVAO BR, like Alberto, Sergio Alas, Capela, and many others. Due to problems SOG loses its homologation, and is reactivated again with Alexandre Gomes and several volunteer pilots of the FABv on June 26, 2014, finalizing the Third Generation MBv .

Currently, this Fourth Generation, was born on 02/01/17 with the purpose of keeping alive the flame of naval aviation of IVAO BRASIL.

Bringing new flight modalities, new technical partners, Women and Pilots with Special Needs, besides being the gateway for newcomers and novices to IVAO, coming from social networks, military colleges and others.


So is our Virtual Brazilian Navy ... Come fly with us!